Spring into Action

May 15, 2017

The time is now to hold our leaders accountable. One very effective way is to call, write, or fax your representatives. RESIST-BOT is a very easy to use app that sends a fax to your local representatives, all you have to do is text the word "RESIST" to the number 50409. The app guides you through the steps to find your local leaders, type any message you want, and they format it and send it for you. You can do it anonymously. It really works.

And donate to the Barbes Indiegogo campaign. Barbes is in financial trouble and needs your help.

July 14 show at Barbes is CANCELLED.
Upcoming Bad Reputation shows at Barbes in August and September. CLICK ON SHOWS FOR DETAILS.

C. Gibbs band had a great time playing at Dogwood Bar in Beacon. Dog bless a merry cow!

Pierre de Gaillande is a musician living in New York. He was born in Paris, France, and spent his formative years in California. Currently, Pierre performs in the US and abroad and records with New York bands Bad Reputation and Open Kimono, and composes music for film, television, and dance.