With BAD REPUTATION, Pierre has undertaken a daunting task; to translate a collection of the Brassens oeuvre, strictly adhering to the rhyme scheme, meter, and meaning of the original texts, while preserving their musicality and lyricism in English. 

Brassens has been translated into many languages worldwide, yet attempts to do so into English have fallen short. This project is an opportunity for the Anglophone world to discover the work of this amazing songwriter, poet, and individual. 

Among the many gifted musicians involved in this project areKarl Meyer, violin, Joshua Camp, accordion, Ken Thompson, clarinet, Andrew Hall, bass, David Spinley, clarinet, Christian Bongers, bass, Tony Jarvis, bass clarinet and guitar, Quentin Jennings, charango, flute, and xylophone, and Gerald Menke, lap steel and dobro. Guest singers Dawn Landes, Hilary Downes, Christian Gibbs, Poor Baby Bree, and Olivier Conan have also graced the stage, and singers Eleni Mandell and Keren Ann lent their vocal talents to the recordings. 

Bad Reputation has been featured on NPR's The World with Scott Simon, as well as French TV station TV5, and in countless publications and radio programs in France, Spain, and the US.