Pierre is putting the finishing touches on a new album of French versions of his favorite indie, punk, and pop songs, including songs by Violent Femmes, Pixies, Meat Puppets, Fugazi, Bob Dylan, Minutemen, and Camper Van Beethoven, Vic Chestnut, and Justin Bieber. Mixing is almost complete, and the final product should be ready by mid-summer. These are new takes on some of Pierre's favorite artistic declarations of punk resistance, mostly recorded solo at his remote forest studio hideout, with some help from some talented friends.The album is as yet untitled, but some working titles are Good Reputation, and Frog Pop. Suggestions welcome.

Pierre sent a preview of the song "Merchandise" by Fugazi to the good folks at Dischord and was ecstatic to get a favorable review by his hero Ian MacKaye, who wrote "I very much enjoyed your take on the song." So very cool.

Check out a video of drummer Chris Stromquist laying down some heavy groove on the Meat Puppets' "Up on the Sun" (Sur le Soleil.)


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