PPP #3: Michael Rosas from Smile, Satisfaction, Flying Sparks 

This episode's guest is singer, songwriter, musician and producer Michael Rosas. We have an in-depth conversation about growing up in Southern California, his foray into break-dancing, taking a knee, and wearing sombreros. We discuss his trajectory from the hardcore scene…

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PPP #2: Fred Cassidy 

My guest is musician, filmmaker, and producer Fred Cassidy. We talk about his background as a French American kid growing up between France and L.A., and we dig into politics, music, immigration, protest, Dick's, and lots of other pithy subjects…

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PPP #1: Mike Andrews, film composer, Greyboy Allstars 

Welcome to the first episode of PIERRE PRESSURE PODCAST, a brand new sonic, musical, political adventure.

The very first guest is composer, producer, singer/songwriter MikeAndrews. He formed the band the Origin, plays in the Greyboy Allstars, was the composer for…

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