From the recording Explaining Socialism 3-song EP

Drums by Chris Stromquist


Explaining socialism to Americans
Is a blindfolded class in self-defense
A contrary pursuit
Digging out the root
Arriving at the truth

Come on let’s take this journey all Americans
You have been very sick but now you’re well again
And now there’s work to do
We need alternatives
The Wall Street crap shoot
Won’t let you live

Come on everybody kiss your country
Liberal is a fancy word for free
Socialism just means society
I saw your Mom at the library last week

If you’re a cop, a soldier or a politician
Or a fat cat Wall Street Republican
You are an actual socialist American
Because the working class
Pays out the ass
To give you a pass

And we all deserve that kind of love
From the big bad government up above
But they got it wrong in the USSR
And all the other places where the fascists are

Come on everybody hug your country
Liberal is a fancy word for free
Socialism just means society
Saw your sister at the post office last week

Let me try another explanation
If your job is garbage or tax collection
Or roadside maintenance or firefighting
Or postal worker or high school teacher
Or public defender or libra-ri-an
Or union stagehand or electrician
You are participating in socialism
Because the working masses pay their taxes
And we all get access

While there’s a soul in prison, I am not free
While there’s a kid in a cage, so are you and me
But if you try to give the people socialism
In the form of healthcare and education
Or try to raise their living wages

Then they will have to stage a violent revolution
To keep the people free from free elections
They choose their favorite fascist
and they close their eyes
And hope that democracy will magically survive

So in closing let me just reiterate
The richest country in the world is the USA
There’s no need or excuse for poverty
If we have socialism for you and me