Rest in Power Rick Froberg 

This week brought the devastating news of the death of my friend Rick Froberg. Rick was and is one of my generation’s greatest (hard rock, punk, rock and roll, whatever you wanna call it) singer-songwriters, period. 
I started out as a fan of his bands Pitchfork and Drive Like Jehu in San Diego in the 90’s. I was instantly blown away by the dark, emotional, agressive beauty of his singing, and the bizarre, angular, and simultaneously hooky guitars and melodies being chiseled out of pure rock. Thanks to our mutual friend Marshall Shuster, our friendship progressed in New York and I followed his bands Hot Snakes and Obits and saw them whenever I could. I had the pleasure of interviewing him in 2020 for my Pierre Pressure Podcast, and even got to jam with him under the auspices of our band that lasted one day: Cricket Pussy.

This podcast is a document of this original  artist and kind human who will be dearly missed. The world is a shittier without him...

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