Body Kite is an experimental improvised dance-rock band started by Pierre de Gaillande featuring a rotating cast of musicians. Every performance is spontaneously composed  live on stage. Drums, bass, guitars, keyboards horns, electric koto, loops and percussion are deployed to achieve liftoff for audience and band alike. For fans of early Pink Floyd, Can, Talking Heads, and Bitches Brew-era Miles Davis. 

Pierre de Gaillande bass guitar trumpet taishogoto keys drums - Gerald Menke guitar bass drums - Daniel Basiletti accordion keys trumpet - Steve Calhoon drums - Quentin Jennings keys bass – Jason Molina drums –  Jeff Scheffer drums - Dan Menke drums – Daria Grace bass - Izzy Rock guitar - Robert Gill guitar - Jill Paxton vocals - Brittany Carrasco percussion - Roderick Cumming drums guitar – JR Havland drums – Brad Stewart trumpet – Emily Tomato keys vocals – Genevieve de Gaillande vocals percussion - Chris Stromquist drums - Brad Hubbard baritone saxophone flute - Christian Bongers bass - Harrison Cannon bass - Kristin Mueller drums.