A very special double episode with Fa Ventilato and Roman Elsener, two Swiss-born, New York-based musicians who have been close friends since their youth and have very different approaches to life and music. We spoke about micropolitics, CD scratching, pillow drumming, hand grenades, the Swiss national anthem backwardt, and much much more. The Ramen and Pho Orchestra performed Roman's original songs "President Fast Food" and "Sailing Out to Sea" (including a seventeen-piece whistle orchestra) as well as a sprinkling of other original improvs and tidbits. Strap in for this one people. 

Sponsors: Exotic molds. Theme songs: "Merchandise" by Fugazi, performed by Pierre de Gaillande with James Fletcher, drums. "President Fast Food," "Tanzbar," "Tinkley," "Chimey," "Foodoofoofoo" and "Smellow" performed by the Ramen and Fo Orchestra; Fa Ventillato, drums, Roman Elsener, guitar and vocals,  Pierre de Gaillande, bass and keys. Other songs: "Yellow" and "With Biology of No Importance" by Halcyon, "Horse with Mixed Feelings" by Bingo Palace, "Sailing Out to Sea," "Goodwill and Optimism," "Rain Stones," "Beaches Apart" performed by Kerry Kennedy, and "Got You" by Roman Games. Prince Nine Inch Nails mashup by Fuckintosh.