PPP #7: Paul Brill, film composer 

The guest on this episode of PIERRE PRESSURE PODCAST is Paul Brill, an award-winning composer, musician, songwriter and producer. We spoke in his Brooklyn studio about the possible outcomes for the midterms, shredding your way to success, serving Bernie coffee, and a whole lot more. He performed a solo acoustic version of his song "Lay Down Your Weary Head." Background audio by Envelope, Malayalam, Peanut Butter, Milkweed and Paul Brill.


Sponsors: Man riding a spider, The 90s. Theme songs: "Merchandise" by Fugazi, performed by Pierre de Gaillande with James Fletcher, drums. "Up on the Sun" by Meat Puppets performed by Pierre de Gaillande with Chris Stromquist, drums. Ad music: "La Pression" performed by Dan Menke, drums, Emily James, keys, Gerald Menke, guitar, Pierre de Gaillande, bass.

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