PPP #12: C. Gibbs 

This episode's guest is my good friend and musical collaborator Christian Gibbs. Also known as C. Gibbs, he's a ridiculously talented singer, songwriter, guitarist who's been crushing it for decades. His numerous band and solo projects include Morning Glories, C. Gibbs Review, Lucinda Black Bear, He Arrived by Helicopter, and others. He had a stint on the Broadway show Passing Strange and continues to record, tour, and perform. We talked about squatting in London, shitty gigs in Germany, getting a murse from Spike Lee, talking to your conservative parents abut politics, getting your pod stuck on stage, competing with a youthful package, and a whole lot more. 

Sponsor: Somebody Climbing a Mountain. Opening music: "Merchandise" by Fugazi, performed by Pierre de Gaillande with James Fletcher, drums. Songs: "CT Backroads" (live acoustic.) "Fully Loaded" and "Tattoo Ruins" by Morning Glories. "Slowly Creeping Smile," "Cash," "Cut My Spirit Dry," "Drag the Ashes," "Moon Son" and "Here I Am" by C. Gibbs. "Cold Damn Truth" by He Arrived by Helicopter. "Big Tree Big House," "Fake Trees," "Born Then Dead" and "Fully Loaded" acoustic versions by C. Gibbs and Pierre de Gaillande. 


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