PPP #14: Ken Thomsen from Bang on a Can / Gutbucket / Asphalt Orchestra 

This episode features woodwind whiz, composer, arranger, and performer Ken Thomson. Ken plays all kinds of clarinets and saxophones (and anything else that sounds like an angry swan) in many amazing projects including but not limited to: Bang on a Can Orchestra, Gutbucket, Asphalt Orchestra, SlowFast, and Ken Thomson Sextet. I've had the pleasure of sharing stages and recording sessions over the years with Ken and he always amazes. We chit-chatted about his career as a hornist, perceptions of Americans  touring abroad, adapting feedback and screaming for marching band, making couscous with your bandmates, and so much more.

Episode sponsor: Kapitalizum. Opening music: "Merchandise" written by Fugazi, performed by Pierre de Gaillande with James Fletcher, drums. Songs: "Fuck You and Your Hipster Tie," "Dry Humping the American Dream," and "More More Bigger Better Faster With Cheese" by Gutbucket. "Where is My Mind," "Something Against You," and "Tony's Theme" by Asphalt Orchestra. "Lewis" by Creedle. "Wanderangst" by Slow/Fast. "The Forest Awakes" by David Byrne and St. Vincent. "Icebreaker" by Ken Thomson Sextet. "Gene Takes a Drink" by Bang on a Can Orchestra. "The Velocity of Love" by World Inferno Friendship Society. "NRA-hole" by Open Kimono. "In the Clear Water of the Fountain" by Bad Reputation.


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