From the recording Rip in the Balloon

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New solo song by Open Kimono. All instruments, vocals, and lyrics by Pierre de Gaillande. Artwork by Rock Gallander. Mastered by Petros Von Galanthus.


Throw the kids in the deep end and watch them survive
There’s a new way of singing that keeps you alive
Take the head off of barbie and put it on ken
Take your vocabulary and learn it again

We had electrics in our connection
we thought we knew what we were doing
But in the shadows there was destruction
There was a rip in the balloon

Take a seat in the circle and try not to move
It is your turn to listen and try to improve
Keep your hands off the console and turn off the mic
There are notes in your music that nobody likes

From my seat up in the club
I can’t hear a goddamn thing
But at least they’re having fun
Rubbing up on everyone
Je ne comprends presque nothing
Mais je viens de very far

Now the kids have a new game they play with themselves
Everyone is invited except everyone else

There was some danger in the production
That made our music kinda cool
But in the shadows there was oppression
There was a rip in the balloon

And the future is watching itself on a loop
It just cycles recycles and mirrors your truth

And mirrors the truth
You mirror your truth