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PPP #24: Bill Frisell 

After a three month hiatus due to Covid 19, Pierre Pressure Podcast is back! For the new season, Pierre focuses on the tradition of protest music, and how it can inspire us to speak up, stand up, and sing out…

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PPP #20: JG Thirlwell AKA Foetus 

Composer-producer-frontman-wizard JG Thirlwell has been making astonishing, orchestral, bombastic music for decades. Born in Australia, he teamed up with Nick Cave and the Birthday Party, then joined Prag VEC, and soon formed his enduring solo project Foetus. Operating under plethora…

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PPP #13: Dorit Chrysler 

Lucky number 13 is my good friend Dorit Chrysler, a theremin wizard from Austria. She came to New York in the 90's and was the singer-guitarist for the scorching art-rock band Halcion. She subsequently went on tho become one of…

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PPP #1: Mike Andrews, film composer, Greyboy Allstars 

Welcome to the first episode of PIERRE PRESSURE PODCAST, a brand new sonic, musical, political adventure.

The very first guest is composer, producer, singer/songwriter MikeAndrews. He formed the band the Origin, plays in the Greyboy Allstars, was the composer for…

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