Concerts in France and new CD 

For the hundredth birthday of legendary French poet singer Georges Brassens in October 2021Pierre de Gaillande will be in France for four exceptional concerts, joined by a trio of exceptional musicians including Joel Favreau, acclaimed guitarist who accompanied Brassens, and  Alexander Leitao on accordion and Andrew Hall on bass. 

On October 10th at 2:30PM, de Gaillande and trio will perform at Parc Georges Brassens in the 15th arrondissement of Paris as part of Les 34es Journées Georges Brassens et de la chanson française.

On October 13th at 9PM, de Gaillande, Leitao and Hall will play the Sunset / Sunside in Paris, as part of the Festival du Jazz Sur Seine 2021, sharing the bill with the amazing Contrebrassens (Bassist/singer playing a Brassens repertoire.) 

October 14th at Theatre Thenardier in Montreuil, Paris, at 8:30PM, de Gaillande and trio share the stage with Contrebrassens, alternating songs and collaborating for a night of song and swing dedicated to Brassens. 

And on the 15th of October at Bateau Rocqerols in Sete at 8PM, the trio play a concert in the birthplace of Brassens, on a boat! With Brassens' original guitarist, a week before his 100th birthday! What a night, what a dream! 


Bad Reputation's latest recording is here!  Bad Réputation 6-song EP presents six new translation/adaptations of French song by Pierre de Gaillande, including five by Brassens and one special exception; "The Pacifist" by Boris Vian. Only on CD, for sale HERE or at the concerts.

Explaining Socialism EP out now! 

A brand new, 3-song EP from Open Kimono is available now for streaming RIGHT HERE! Three new songs written and recorded by Pierre de Gaillande in quarantine, wading deeply into the frenzied political waters of this crazy, beautiful country known only by its (not very accurate) description: The United States of America.

Explaining Socialism: All music, lyrics, and instruments by Pierre de Gaillande.  
Drums by Chris Stromquist.  
Recorded at California Hill Studio, Kent, NY.  
Mixed by Chris Stromquist.

How the Virus Can Unite Us: All music, lyrics, and instruments by Pierre de Gaillande.  
Recorded and mixed at California Hill Studio, NY.  
Guitars recorded at The Sentry Box, Portland, ME. 

Big Flag: All music, lyrics, and instruments by Pierre de Gaillande.  
Drums by Dan Menke.  
Recorded and mixed at California Hill Studio, NY.

Pierre de Gaillande Interview in Hexagone #19 

Check out a five page interview about Pierre de Gaillande's Bad Reputation Brassens project by Philippe Sizaire in the latest issue of Hexagone #19. Part of a 74 page spread on the life and work of Brassens. Available in actual print in actual newsstands in France, and online at 

Une très bonne interview dans Hexagone avec Pierre de Gaillande sur son projet Brassens, Bad Reputation par Philippe Sizaire. Hexagone #19, 74 pages sur Brassens! Achetez-le dans les kiosques ou en ligne ici:

Change of Seasons, Change of Leaders  

The election is upon us, so if you haven't already, VOTE DEMOCRAT all across the ticket. If that statement offends you or you disagree with it, email me and let's talk about it.

Episode 25 of Pierre Pressure Podcast is out now, featuring Tony Scalzo from the band Fastball. Tony is a talented and prolific songwriter who wrote a string of hits for his platinum-selling band Fastball in the late 90s. Check out our conversation on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts, and don't forget to subscribe and comment. 

My band MELOMANE is getting back together for one special pre-Halloween, pre-election show on FRIDAY OCTOBER 30 at 5PM, in Cold Spring New York at  Little Stony Point! Bring a chair, bring a jacket, bring some drinks, and enjoy some well-crafted art-rock to celebrate the end of the apocalypse! This is a free, social distanced gathering, pass the hat and buy some merchandise. Featuring the original lineup of under-the-radar superstars in their own minds: Melomane! Pierre de Gaillande on guitar, Daria Grace on bass, Kenny Savelson on drums, Quentin Jennings on keys, and Brad Stewart on trumpet. 

And here's a new video for Aime-Toi, my French version of the song "Love Yourself" by Justin Bieber translated in French, sped up into a punk song, and performed by a gaggle of fluffy animals. Happy Halloween! 

And here's another gift from me to you, my new song "Big Flag," a very patriotic song about waving the biggest flag there is to show how patriotic you are and how not insecure you are at all about your beliefs, your masculinity, your country, your leader, and the future! Enjoy! 


Bad Reputation Live on Télé-Barbès August 26  

It's been a long year... Hope you all are hanging in there.

I am so happy to announce that I will be taking part in Télé-Barbès , a series of concerts performed live from Barbes in Brooklyn with for a streaming audience, on WEDNESDAY AUGUST 26 at 6PM. Joining me will be Andrew Hall on bass and Alana McDonald on percussion and ukulele. I'll be singing all your favorite Georges Brassens song in French and English.

On YouTube: 
or check FB for details:


And Please check out my new protest song and video, HOW THE VIRUS CAN UNITE US on youtube:

Biden Harris 2020.

(If anyone reading this is in the Trump cult, please contact me so we can have a respectful, honest discussion about politics. I want to understand. I don't want to yell or trade insults. This country needs dialogue to get out of this mess. You can even be a guest on PIERRE PRESSURE PODCAST if you're not insane.)



As a way to help musicians, Bandcamp has generously offered to forego all of its share of revenue for downloads and streaming on May 1, 2020. That means that when you buy a song or an album on BANDCAMP on MAY 1st, YOU ARE DIRECTLY HELPING PEOPLE WHOSE LIVELIHOOD HAS BEEN PUT ON HOLD BY COVID 19.

As a musician who has had all of my income put on hold indefinitely by the Covid 19 crisis, I would be infinitely grateful if you would download some of my music on May 1st on BANDCAMP:





FRANGLAIS out NOW on vinyl and download 

franglais is here!  

If you are a fan of Bad Reputation, you know that I've spent the last ten years translating the outrageous, subversive, and irresistible songs of Georges Brassens into English and performing them with a top-notch roster of New York musicians. For my latest release under the Bad Reputation rubric, entitled franglais, I am continuing the journey of bridging my two cultures, France and America, only this time, I’ve done the reverse. I selected nine of my favorite songs, translated them into French and recorded them with the high level of feeding, watering, and obsessive attention to detail that you have come to expect from a Bad Reputation release.  

The nine songs on franglais were written and recorded for the most part by American bands in the golden era of alternative/indie rock, the 80’s and 90s. They all speak the truth with honesty, wit, and poetry, whether they are rants against injustice or frenzied shouts of angst and lust. They speak to me on a deep level, and I’ve had the good fortune of meeting many of the artists who wrote them. These are my greatest hits, they speak truth to power, and they make me smile.  

WHY FRENCH? Because, in these divisive days, if you can put yourself in another person’s ears, you realize that the planet is one big, interconnected rock. A large part of the world's population hears rock and roll in English with no understanding of the lyrics, but rather just the feeling created by the universal language of music.  

If you don't speak French, you can now enjoy the sensation of feeling the Violent Femmes, Pixies, Fugazi, Camper Van Beethoven, Bob Dylan, Meat Puppets, Vic Chesnutt, Minutemen, and even Justin Bieber (yes!) without the burden of language. You can share the experience of music with a large part of the world, and help reverse the English language’s monopoly on pop culture. 

Whatever language you speak, I invite you to savor the flavor of franglais

Order it today to get the special pre-order price of $9.99 (regular price is $19.99). The album comes out August 25, and vinyl orders include a digital download.

Sur le Soleil / Up on the Sun (Meat Puppets) 
Hé / Hey (Pixies) 
Baiser enl"air / Kiss Off (Violent Femmes) 
Marchandise / Merchandise (Fugazi) 
Un de ces Jours / One of These Days (Camper Van Beethoven) 
Maitres de Guerre / Masters of War (Bob Dylan) 
Fasciste / Fascist (Minutemen) 
Aime-toi / Love Yourself (Justin Beiber) 
Supernaturel / Supernatural (Vic Chesnutt)


Je suis ravi d'annoncer la sortie de mon nouvel album, franglais!  

Après cinq ans de réalisation, franglais sortira officiellement le 25 août en vinyle et en numérique, mais si vous le commandez dès aujourd'hui vous bénéficierez d’une réduction de prévente -  soit $9.99 au lieu de $19.99 après le 25 août. 

Si vous êtes fan de Bad Reputation, vous savez que depuis une dizaine d'années, j’adapte en anglais les chansons subversives, choquantes et merveilleusement irrésistibles de Georges Brassens. Je les chante avec le soutien d’un groupe de musiciens new-yorkais de très haut calibre. Pour mon nouvel ouvrage sous la rubrique de Bad Reputation, je continue à approfondir le lien entre mes deux cultures, française et américaine.  

Cette fois ci, j’ai fait la traversée inverse. J’ai choisi neuf de mes chansons américaines préférées et je les ai traduites en français. Depuis la conception jusqu’à l’enregistrement et le mixage, nous avons prêté attention au moindre détail, nourrissant et arrosant chaque titre d’humour et de fantaisie. Si vous connaissez nos disques précédents, vous savez à quoi vous attendre d'une œuvre musicale de Bad Reputation

La plupart des neuf chansons sur franglais est une remise à jour de chansons de groupes américains de l'âge d'or de la musique alternative et ‘indie’ des années 80 et 90. Ces chansons expriment une vérité avec honnêteté, force et poésie. Ce sont des déclamations contre les injustices ou par ailleurs, des cris frénétiques de colère ou de désir. Cette collection est en quelque sorte le "Best of…" des chansons qui donnent une gifle au pouvoir. Ils me touchent profondément et j'ai eu la chance de connaître plusieurs de ces artistes personnellement. En plus de tout, ils me font sourire.  

POURQUOI CHANTER EN FRANÇAIS? Parce que nous vivons une époque de discorde et si l’on peut se mettre dans les ‘oreilles’ d'un autre, on peut arriver à percevoir que le monde n’est qu’un petit caillou où tout est connecté. Depuis des décennies, le monde entier écoute le rock en anglais, trop souvent avec aucune notion de ce qui est dit dans les paroles. C’est le feeling du langage universel de la musique qui est communiqué.  

Franglais présente toutes les chansons en français, et même si vous ne parlez pas cette langue, vous pouvez désormais ressentir le plaisir du ‘feeling’ de : Violent Femmes, Pixies, Fugazi, Camper Van Beethoven, Bob Dylan, Meat Puppets, Vic Chesnutt, Minutemen, et même Justin Bieber (oui!) sans le fardeau du langage. Comme ça, vous partagerez l'expérience musicale de la majorité de la planète qui écoute sans forcément ‘comprendre’ mais qui ressent le vibe.  C’est une réappropriation du monopole que la langue anglaise a pu avoir sur la culture pop. 

CEPENDANT, si vous êtes francophone, jetez donc un coup d'oreille sur ces magnifiques poèmes passionnément engagés. Je vous invite à savourer le goût du franglais

Commandez le vinyle dès aujourd'hui: 


Pre-Order franglais on vinyl NOW! 

Bad Reputation's long awaited French-language album, "franglais" comes out July 14th on Vermillion Music!

PRE-ORDER the vinyl album NOW for the limited price of $11.99 including free album download. (Regular price $18.99)

Featuring nine tracks of American punk/indie/pop classics. WATCH A  VIDEO for "Sur le Soleil" HERE.

All of these songs are near and dear to Pierre de Gaillande's heart, and many are by artists with whom Pierre has a personal connection. This album is a solo effort, recorded, produced, and performed by Pierre, with help from some talented musicians, and mixed by Ryan Mall. GET IT TODAY!

Track list:
Sur le Soleil / Up on the Sun (Meat Puppets)
Hé / Hey (Pixies)
Baiser enl"air / Kiss Off (Violent Femmes)
Marchandise / Merchandise (Fugazi)
Un de ces Jours / One of These Days (Camper Van Beethoven)
Maitres de Guerre / Masters of War (Bob Dylan)
Fasciste / Fascist (Minutemen)
Aime-toi / Love Yourself (Justin Beiber)
Supernaturel / Supernatural (Vic Chesnutt)