Winter News 

Mike Watt, the legendary bass hero from the band Minutemen and reigning punk rock ambassador, played Body Kite's song "Amazingishly Gracefulistical" on his fine fine podcast "The Watt From Pedro Show" on November 27. We could not be more stoked.

Listen to the episode HERE:

The song comes in at 1:17 and Watt himself struggles with the name at 1:32.

This song was a live improvisation recorded live at California Hill Studios on January 22, 2022, and features Gerald Menke on guitar and drums, Daniel Basiletti on keyboards, accordion, and trumpet, and Pierre de Gaillande on bass and trumpet.

You can hear more Body Kite music HERE:

And come see Body Kite live on Friday December 2 at 8:30pm at Quinn's in Beacon!​​​​​​​