Pierre de Gaillande is a French-born, New York-based multi-instrumentalist songwriter and producer. He has toured and recorded with countless bands all over the world as an instrumentalist and singer/songwriter, playing guitar, bass, trumpet, and keyboards. He continues to perform in the US and abroad with his various musical projects including Body Kite, Bad Reputation, MelomaneOpen Kimono and others. Pierre runs California Hill Studio in Putnam County, NY. He is also the host of Pierre Pressure Podcast, where he talks to musicians about the intersection of music and politics. 

Watt project, Body Kite live show with visuals by Laurie Olinder and Bill Morrison. 

Pierre is honored to be collaborating with legendary bassist Mike Watt and an incredible group of musicians on my latest project. Each song started as a drum beat by different drummers, then a bass line by Watt, and it grew from there. Here’s a preview of “Ashes and Dust” initiated by drummer Yuval Lion, and co-written by Pierre de Gaillande and Tony Scalzo from Fastball, and featuring Gerald Menke, Quentin Jennings, Vibeke Saugestad, Jill Paxton and Daria Grace. Mixed by Ryan Mall. Full album coming soon. #nomorewar

Body Kite is ecstatic to be performing a live improvised score with visuals by Laurie Olinder and Bill Morrison on April 20, 2024 at the Old Town Theater / Cultural Arts Coalition in Brewster New York

Steve Calhoun - drums.
Gerald Menke - guitar.
Daniel Basiletti - trumpet, keys and accordion.
Pierre de Gaillande - bass, keys and trumpet.

(Flyer by Jean Basiletti)