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Watt project, Body Kite live show with visuals by Laurie Olinder and Bill Morrison. 

Pierre is honored to be collaborating with legendary bassist Mike Watt and an incredible group of musicians on my latest project. Each song started as a drum beat by different drummers, then a bass line by Watt, and it grew from there. Here’s a preview of “Ashes and Dust” initiated by drummer Yuval Lion, and co-written by Pierre de Gaillande and Tony Scalzo from Fastball, and featuring Gerald Menke, Quentin Jennings, Vibeke Saugestad, Jill Paxton and Daria Grace. Mixed by Ryan Mall. Full album coming soon. #nomorewar

Body Kite is ecstatic to be performing a live improvised score with visuals by Laurie Olinder and Bill Morrison on April 20, 2024 at the Old Town Theater / Cultural Arts Coalition in Brewster New York

Steve Calhoun - drums.
Gerald Menke - guitar.
Daniel Basiletti - trumpet, keys and accordion.
Pierre de Gaillande - bass, keys and trumpet.

(Flyer by Jean Basiletti)


Mike Watt Project. Body Kite live soundtrack with Fantastic Planet 

Pierre de Gaillande is extremely pleased to be collaborating with the legendary bassist and punk guru, Mike Watt, on an album of songs all generated by different drummers. This idea came  during Pierre's interview with Watt on Pierre Pressure. The concept is simple; every song starts with a drummer creating and recording a track, which is then sent to Watt to play bass on, then sent back to Pierre to layer on instruments and vocals. This album features and a mind-blowing array of musicians, who are busy touring and recording all over the world, so it is taking time, but we look forward to sharing it soon!
Featuring: Nels Cline, guitar; Georgia Hubler, drums; Kenny Wollesen, drums; Robert Walter, keyboards; Stephen Calhoun, drums; Stephen Ulrich, guitar; Christian Gibbs, guitar; Chris Stromquist, drums; Dion Thurman, drums; Dan Menke, drums; Yuval Lion, drums; Gerald Menke, guitar; Brad Hubbard, sax, Pierre de Gaillande, producer, guitar, trumpet, keys, vocals.

Body Kite will perform a live soundtrack to the 1973 classic animated film FANTASTIC PLANET at the historic Old Town Hall Theater in Brewster, NY on Saturday, October 21 at 8PM. 
Featuring Pierre de Gaillande - guitar, keys, trumpet, Daniel Basiletti - keys, trumpet, Gerald Menke - guitar, bass, and Stephen Calhoun - drums.

LIMITED SEATING! Get tickets here
Proceeds will help the restoration of the Old Town Hall Theater.
Fantastic Planet is an experimental animated film set on a strange planet where giant alien beings consider humans to be their animals. The film is an allegorical tale about human rights and racism, with an imaginative and distinctly 70s vibe. The film was the winner of the Special Prize at the 1973 Cannes Film Festival. Runtime 1h 10m.

New Bad Reputation Album - Canada Dates - Sea Foxx song - Mike Watt collaboration and interview 

Tons of great news to report:

Bad Reputation Volume 3 is out now on CD. GET IT HERE
Come to Barbes on March 31st for the CD RELEASE show. The album features eleven fresh servings of Bad Reputation's take on Georges Brassens' funny, catchy, subversive, anarchist French music to folk with your brain. Pierre de Gaillande will play SHOWS in Montreal and Quebec City in April.

Pierre was extremely honored to interview the great Mike Watt for the most recent installment of PIERRE PRESSUREStay tuned for a musical collaboration between Mike Watt, Pierre de Gaillande, and a whole bunch of great drummers in the works now.


The next episode of Pierre Pressure will be an interview with Kurt Wagner from Lambchop. Subscribe on APPLE PODCASTS and sign up for the MAILING LIST for news and dates.

Pierre's band Sea Foxx, who tragically lost their singer Adrianne Mamet in December,  recently put out a previously unreleased single of their cover of "I Melt With You" by Modern English. Hear it HERE.


Pierre Pressure Podcast returns with Mike Watt 

Pierre Pressure Podcast will be recommencing after along hiatus, with an interview with the legendary guru of punk bass, Mike Watt.

 got in touch with Pierre after playing Body Kite's song "Amazingishly Gracefulistical" on his fine  "Watt From Pedro Show" on November 27. We could not be more stoked.
Stay tuned for Pierre's conversation with Mike Watt on Pierre Pressure Podcast.


This song was a live improvisation recorded live at California Hill Studios on January 22, 2022, and features Gerald Menke on guitar and drums, Daniel Basiletti on keyboards, accordion, and trumpet, and Pierre de Gaillande on bass and trumpet.

You can hear more Body Kite music HERE:

And come see Body Kite live on Friday December 2 at 8:30pm at Quinn's in Beacon!